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In the past month, we have been transitioning to a fulfillment service to handle the majority of our orders. This is because every other year, we've really struggled to keep up with orders during the holidays.

This transition has been difficult.

Even before outsourcing our fulfillment, the USPS had been extending shipping times because of Coronavirus and a shift in management. So it wasn't all sunshine and roses, but now we're getting thorny. Some people have received two orders (hooray!) and some people have received their orders weeks late.

We've been tracking the shipping time, both for our customers and overall, and even though some people are experiencing dramatic and dismaying delays, 93% of orders placed on make it to their destination within 5 days of being placed. 25% make it to their destination within 2 days.

We know this is frustrating. We know you order from us and want your loot right away (and we can't blame you!). And because of this, our Customer Satisfaction Enthusiasts have been doing everything we can to make this right.

We're working on a more sweeping and dependable plan to get the products closer to you, so the shipping time is quicker. We know as the holidays approach, shipping speed becomes even more important.

We will never, ever, ever stop trying to improve our service, speed, and products. Because you deserve nothing less.

Thank you for your patience,

Danielle Vincent, The Bosslady

P.S. For those of you who are curious about what our fulfillment team is doing with their extra time, we're still fulfilling some orders, and also doing production and sending to Amazon. Don't worry, there's always lots of work to go around. ;)

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