Outlaws are still delivering!

Well, technically the post office is the one doing the actual delivering, but it's probably worth noting that as long as the post office is delivering, we're still sending.

I've been finding out exactly how many mailing lists I'm subscribed to by how often I get emails outlining their disaster plans and what they're doing to either maintain or suspend operations, so it seemed like a good idea to post a little somethin' somethin' about it here.

How are we keeping our employees safe?

We take this whole pandemic thing very seriously. The Outlaw Gang has been briefed over and over about proper safety procedures, and, since we're all fiercely independent, staying six feet away from each other was already our modus operandi.

We're a small business. So small, in fact, that the whole "fewer than 10 people gathering" thing gave us a bit of a chuckle.

We have 8 people working in our Sparks location, which is 8100 square feet (our warehouse is quite large, since we just moved into a space we hope to grow into, and our soap cure racks take up quite a lot of real estate). That's more than 1,000 square feet per person, which is bigger than a lot of people's apartments.

Of course, we're not spaced across that whole 8,100 square feet (no one's office is in the bathroom, for example), but let's just say "social distancing" has always been our way of life.

Russ and I go through the shop every day and spray down the shared workspaces, knobs, doors, and everything a couple times every day, just for good measure.

And just because we have so much soap (and soap's the big front-runner in "things we can do to stay healthy"), we've gone over proper hand washing about a hundred times, including boisterously discussing our favorite hand wash songs ("Wanted, Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi is my go-to song), and sharing hot tips like "If you're not bored of washing your hands about halfway through the whole thing, you're not doing it for long enough."

(Go ahead and share that with your friends... boredom with hand-washing is a good indicator of whether you've sufficiently washed your hands)

Remote-ly Protected

Our Customer Satisfaction team (whom you've probably chatted with and loved) are all remote, working from home.

They were into "sheltering in place" before it was cool.


So yeah, not only are we still fully operational, we're shipping orders on time and providing you the same, dependable Outlaw service you've come to know and love.

If you really want to make sure you're never out of our top notch products, consider subscribing to your favorites in our subscription boxes.

As always, thanks for being in our gang and ridin' this bronco of life with us.


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