Outlaws around the world! International shipping is faster, cheaper, easier (whoa)

Whether you’re from the outback of Australia, the sheep-intensive zones of New Zealand, the African great Savannahs, the hamlets of England, or the jamonlets of Barcelona (see what I did there?), well, you’re heavy of heart when you see how darn expensive shipping is.

Sometimes the shipping alone costs more than the products! And that doesn’t even count the various customs fees and duties! Yipe! It’s enough to make an Outlaw like you feel positively lawful (and no one wants that!).

No more, my friends! We have seen the shimmering rainbow of a special thing called a “shipping relay service,” and it’s called BorderGuru. We ship your loot to them and they take care of all the messy stuff like customs forms, fees, tariffs, and all that hulabaloo… at a fraction of the cost.

These ready to roll (and outstandingly small) shipping fees even include customs duties! And FAST? Did we mention fast? It’s all supposed to move through and across our vast planet with relative ease and speed (as in a weekish vs. months). Do not visualize Sherpas and pack mules. (Unless you live in Peru, and then maybe do visualize pack mules, we don’t know! But we’re hoping they are the fastest dang pack mules ever!)

So, ye of international location, HEED THESE WORDS: on checkout, you will see a new option. Pick it, and enjoy your significantly LESS EXPENSIVE SHIPPING.

Thank you so much for your ongoing patience with our little company.

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nathan buckland

hi everyone
How are you?
I was just wondering do you have the same kind of deal as Dr Squatch?

they have free shipping once you spend $90 AUD

Do you have a certain amount to spend to reach free shipping?

$100 for shipping is very expensive

any response would be greatly appreciated
Thank you