Whiskey and Rum Lip Balm

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Christmas Shopping Just Got Easier
As soon as I learned about the lip balm collection, I knew I needed two sets - one so that I could try them all (Whiskey A Go Go is my current favorite), and one to parcel out to certain friends and family members. I'm still deciding who gets which one, but these lip balms leave your lips feeling hydrated and smooth for hours. The flavors are fairly subtle, strongest when applied, and don't give you boozy breath, making them safe for work, driving, or rounding up someone else's cattle, in true outlaw fashion." - MJM

Here's the thing about the lip balms… We expected that the lip balms would do outstandingly. We didn’t expect that the lip balms would do so outstandingly well that we would not be able to keep them in stock.

After a freak snowstorm in Bend, Oregon (where my friend Stacia makes the lip balms), a couple of shipments got delayed because people either got sick or had to stay home with their kids for snow days.

It's a great reminder that almost all of our products are handmade by real people, and if the people can’t come to work for whatever reason, everything gets held up.

On top of production delays, the snowstorm also impacted shipping because it wasn’t safe for people to drive.

It’s a good reminder that people make everything happen.

We’ve decided that we will no longer be pre-selling lip balms. This is a bummer, because Outlaws requested pre-orders, but when we can’t keep our promises, we stop making promises.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Lip balms are scheduled to be back in stock TOMORROW, Thursday, November 17, so if you sign up for stock notifications, you’ll be the first to know:  https://liveoutlaw.com/products/outlaw-lip-balm-tastes-like-whiskey-rum

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