Our 100% satisfaction guarantee - OR - The energy of money

Call me a woo-woo hippie, but I've always believed that money has an energy around it. People spend money on what they value, so money represents the energy of that value. Whatever value that item has, for the lifetime of the item, continues to be the value of that money, wherever it goes. Whether it's spent on advertising, payroll, or supplies, we're ultimately getting the value of the money.

When someone buys something and they're dissatisfied with the product, we insist on a satisfaction guarantee. Not only do we want you to be happy, we want our money to have the highest value possible wherever we pass it along.

Now, sometimes long-time customers will buy something and it just isn't their thing, but because they have a relationship with us and know we're a tiny company, they opt not to return it. In that case, the money we have has a charitable and generous value. We appreciate that a whole lot, and we try to pass that charity along to others in the form of donations to organizations who support our (and your, hopefully) values.

In the small business and smalltime manufacturer circles, there are literally hundreds of discussions about return policies. Some people believe that once an item is bought, it's the customer's forever, whether they like it or not. Some people believe that you should have a window to return stuff (like 30 days), and if the customer doesn't return it in that window, it's theirs forever.

We believe that offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee is good business on every level, from our customer service and Magnificent Seven Outlaw Values to our company's financial wellbeing. When you buy an Outlaw Soaps product, you're buying a quality guarantee and the knowledge that we'll stand behind our products, no matter what.

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Ken Jackson

I bought your solid cologne, and enjoy the scent. However it only seems to last a few monents on my body. I only have had one comment on the fragrance, and that is while I had the tin open in my hand. I gave it a solid run, but no one has noticed that I even put it on. So i would like to return it for a refund. Please tell me the best way to do this. Thank you.