No Shave November is right around the corner. Get ready with some expert level BEARD TIPS!

Howdy, Outlaw Family and Beard Aficionados! The calendar has flipped its pages and it's NEARLY November, and you know what that means—it's time to toss the razors and let the facial fur fly. Whether you’re a first-timer staring at your stubble in confusion or a beard-growing veteran who’s been counting down the days, we’ve got some top-tier beard wisdom straight from the horse's... well, face.

Nick, our bearded buddy and a connoisseur of all things facial hair, kicks things off with some real talk about the early stages of beard growth. “Growing out your beard, especially in the early stages, you will get itchiness but that’s just very early on." But fear not, Nick has a solution to quell the beard-rage, and it smells like victory. “Once you get past that and you use some good quality beard oil (like from Outlaw), then you’ll never have to worry about that itch again!” He's not just talking about any beard oil; he’s talking about the good stuff, folks. And don’t forget, he adds, a nightly ritual with all-natural beard shampoos and conditioners keeps the grime of the wild west (or just, you know, your day) at bay.

Next up, Sean swaggers in with his two cents, and he’s all about cleanliness and keeping that beard as smooth as a whiskey on the rocks. “Keep it clean, keep it oiled! When washing remember you are cleaning the skin underneath as much as you are the hair so get in there and wash well. Wash, dry, oil and enjoy the day.” Wise words from a wise man. It’s like taking your face on a spa day, and who wouldn’t want that?

Chris, a man who has seen the dark side of the beard-growing journey and lived to tell the tale, brings us home with his sage advice and a few cautionary tales. “I attempted to grow a beard several times throughout my young adulthood. I would get to week 4 and I wanted to scratch my face off. Then I discovered beard oil.” Enter Outlaw’s Magic Beard & Hair Elixir, a game-changer in Chris’ beard odyssey. “I love that scent,” he says, reminiscing about his journey from itchy amateur to bearded maestro.

He even dives into the high-stakes world of beard styling, offering advice for the fellows looking to take their beard game to the next level. “If you want to straighten your beard, use a blow dryer. I do not recommend a straightener. Explore your style, figure out what works for you, and wear it proudly.” Remember, every beard is as unique as the face it’s attached to!

So there you have it, Outlaws. Whether you’re navigating the itchy early days or you’re a seasoned pro with more beard stories than a pirate has tales of the sea, Outlaw’s got your back (and your beard). Grab your bottle of Magic Beard & Hair Elixir and let’s turn this No-Shave November into a hootenanny of hairy proportions!

Happy growing, and may your beards be as wild and free as a tumbleweed in a ghost town!

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