New: 20% off for Subscribers, Gold, and Platinum members of Outlaw Gold 🤠

Outlaw Gold: our ever-adjusting rewards program!

We Outlaws are never too stuck in our ways to admit when something could be better and just up and change it. The other day, a customer asked if we meant the 10% discount reward to cost more than the 15% discount reward, and the answer was complicated... no, but also yes.

We designed the program to express our loyalty to you, and so we want you to get the absolute best deal we can give you (while staying in business). So I sometimes have little inconsistencies, where I've tried to throw in a little somethin' somethin' extra ("lagniappe" is the term I've heard - pronounced "lan-yap").

But you know what? We need to have more consistency in this ol' system.

We've built in 20% off for any subscriber to any of our Outlaw Subscription Boxes, plus any Outlaw Gold or Platinum-level customers.

If you're not an Outlaw Gold member, it's easy to change that. Just go to our website (that's and click the itty bitty little "Outlaw Gold" button on the bottom right (I really gotta get our developer to help with this design), and you can either log in or sign up there!

Just made a purchase? Don't sweat it! You've got 14 days after your purchase to set up an account and get those points credited to your account.

In order to redeem it, you'll need to go to that Outlaw Gold panel (the one with the itty bitty "Outlaw Gold" button, when you're logged in), or go to your account page. Click "redeem" and it'll charge you 1 point (it's the only way I could set it up, but it's basically nuffin').

It's our way of saying, "Thanks." We literally wouldn't be here without ya, and we're some loyal Outlaws!

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