Mountain Hideout's Last Hurrah: Spray Cologne

Or the incredible ability to bottle a memory.

My family have always been adventurers.

Before I could barely walk we were out camping in Death Valley. My mother just a few months pregnant with my younger brother was stung by a scorpion. (They're both fine.)

We used to drop my survivalist father off into the woods for a week at a time with just a bag of gear and his own wits to survive. (He's fine too.)

And I dearly recall trips with the cousins, out into the northern forests of California. Waking early with a chill in the air and the sound of the stream running nearby, an occasional rainbow trout splashing through on its way down stream.

The leaves turning orange in the crisp cool air, as the sun warms up the dewy ground nearby, a scent of damp earth, pine, and campfire wafts through and you know you are at one with nature.

I remember distinctly my baby cousin being bathed in an ice chest; soapy, and giggling, and free. This is what The Mountain Hideout Collection brings back for me. And now we've gone and made it a Spray Cologne.

It's limited edition. Limited to the exact number of pre-orders we receive. It's our last hurrah for this scent line. A thank you to all the early morning breakfasts around the campfire, hiking in the afternoon sun, and nighttime crickets and ghost stories with friends and family.

Pre-order yourself a bottle now and keep that feeling alive with you everyday. Heck, may as well get yourself two.

Grab a bottle here:


Photo: @eberhardgross

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