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What's the Difference Between Milled Soap and Handmade Soap

You know, people come up to us and ask, “What’s the difference between Milled soap and Handmade soap?”  They really do.  We’ll be walking down the street and someone will beeline straight for us — eyes desperate — grab us by the shirt, and shout, “WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE??”  (We have a lot of torn lapels.)

Well, partner, you are in luck! Outlaw is here to compare and contrast the finer points of these two soap sensations.  Spoiler: They’re both awesome in their own right.

Handmade soap is made the old-fashioned way, using a delicate chemical process that’s been passed down through generations of soap makers.  Seriously.  There is literally a Soapmakers Guild alive and well in America as you read this.

We use high-quality oils and a “superfatting” process. You can read about how we make handmade soap here.  Also, handmade soap has a reputation for being the silkier of the two types.  (Though the lawyer-types say we can’t strictly make that claim, so you didn’t hear it from us.) 

We also love swirling those deep colors you see on the handmade product pages.  And the scent… well… it has a tendency to fill your shower like orange fills a sunset.

Yes, because it takes longer to make, we do charge more for the handmade soap, but the fans say it’s worth it.

Milled soap is made with the genius of modern soap-making equipment.  Our soap-miller is family-owned in the USA, and heck, we’ll vouch that they’re good people up and down.  Because the soap is made in larger batches, the price is lower.  The color is more of a lovely pale ivory, and the scent is just a touch less expansive, but still lingers fantastically on your skin.

And the lather?  Well, we think it’s as damn fine as its handmade cousin, or we wouldn’t be selling it.

So which soap should you pick: milled or handmade? 

We think you should try both and decide for yourself.  But we’ve made this Handy Soap Comparison Chart to help you out.

Handy Soap Comparison Chart








Kinda Pearly

Kinda Swirly





A Little Lower

A Little Higher

Damn fine lather



Makes your skin a happy place*



Attracts the opposite sex*



Seriously ups your badass quotient*



Turns you into the smell-envy of your co-workers*



Could help get you into Cleanliness Heaven*



Repels the ghosts of angry cowboys*






*NOTE: These claims have not been the tiniest bit verified by the FDA.




We hope this helps you in your soap-selectin' journeys, compadre!

Decided which you want to try? Here are some links:

Milled soap

Handmade soap

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