| by Danielle Vincent

Made in America: Our little Sparks gang grows

We just hired two production folks for our new Sparks location, which means we have me, Russ, Sylkia (who moved from Grass Valley with us), Sydney (who joined the fulfillment team shortly after we moved), Howard (our new Operations Manager), and now Ronny and Heather, working in our production department!

One of the really exciting things about having a small business is being able to create jobs for smart, interesting, awesome folks.

The folks we have in our new Sparks location are absolutely hands-down incredible. I'll profile them each later, but this is a really exciting time for all of us... especially since, with the Reddit post yesterday, we are scrambling around with a very light inventory and a light team. EEK!

But it's fun. We've been building our business for exactly this kind of weird wave, so it feels good to hop on our board and catch the wave.

As always, thank you for being on this wild ride.


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