Laboring on Labor Day: The Outlaw Employees

Every year, we try to decide whether we're going to work on Labor Day or not. This year, we decided to go ahead and work. It was a group decision based on the fact that we're behind on getting our first batches of spray cologne out the door. It's an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation, and this is the side effect of having a small business. There aren't a ton of redundancies in our workforce (in fact, we're always short-handed), and in these situations, we all pull together to get things done.

Since we're not taking the day off, I figured it might be a good day to fill you in on our Outlaw Employees who are tirelessly working to get you your loot:


Elysia tracking supplyElysia joined us earlier this year as Customer Service and Fulfillment Manager, when Ruth left to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering. Since she started, Elysia has hopped up and taken charge of the breadth of customer service inquiries we get across all our channels, including messages from our website, Facebook comments, Amazon reviews, and of course, straight emails... which is a huge job, by the way!

But that's not all she does! She also fills all the website orders, makes sure the Amazon distribution centers are stocked, and handles incoming wholesale orders. And, of course, fulfills all the subscription boxes.

I'm tired just thinking about it!

She'll be out of the office for a couple weeks this month, and Russ and I will be filling in her place during that time. So... we'll see how that all goes, eh?


Marci stacking and racking soapMarci joined us as Production Manager around the same time, and has been completely kicking ass and taking names. She has streamlined the production process of our body wash and hand wash; as well as fully invented the process for lotion, and makes our new Outlaw spray cologne.

In addition to all that mixing and concocting, she also labels all our label-able products (and operates our manual labeler like a boss). For the bar soap, she cuts, stacks, and racks the soap for curing once Russ makes it. (This morning, Russ pointed out that his back hasn't seized up since Marci started!)

FURTHERMORE, as if that wasn't enough, she also takes a lot of the amazing production photos that we use for social media and this very blog. In fact, this blog post's featured photo is a shot from Marci! Pretty fricken' gorgeous, right?


We're a tiny little team doing a lot of work, and Russ and I both appreciate the efforts of Elysia and Marci to get our company to where it needs to be.

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