Introducing The Independents! A bold, new way to take charge of your 2024

Are you ready to kick off 2024 with something truly unique and delightful?

We've crafted a special way to start your year with a burst of personality and fragrance. Introducing The Independents, our mix & match collection designed to celebrate your individuality through scent.

Imagine blending the rustic charm of leather with the tranquil vibe of lavender, or mixing the warmth of sandalwood with the refreshing essence of fresh-cut grass. With The Independents, you're the master perfumer of your life.

Choose from scents like leather, sandalwood, sweet smoke, fresh-cut grass, pinecones, and lavender to create a fragrance that's uniquely yours.

Each 15 ml bottle is a chapter of your story, waiting to be told. This collection isn't just about smelling great; it's about embracing who you are and showcasing it with every spritz.

Don't just follow trends—set them! For just $40, grab your set of 4 and start the new year by crafting a scent that's as individual as you are.

Embrace the freedom to be you, and let 'The Independents' be your guide to a more personalized and expressive 2024.

Ready to make your mark? Dive into this scent-sational journey and discover the endless possibilities of self-expression and delight.

Mix up your own signature scent here:

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