The Freshest Improvements to our Outlaw Gold Loyalty Program

Yesterday, we launched the new and improved Outlaw Gold loyalty rewards program!

We did it without much fanfare or pre-announcements because, let's be honest, none of us around here are super-coders and it required a bit of fancy developer footwork.

Fun fact: My first "real job" was as a web developer and graphic designer for Microsoft in 19[cough-cough-cough], but those days are long behind me.

This new and improved Outlaw Gold program has YOUR POINTS DASHBOARD IN YOUR OUTLAW ACCOUNT (like a boss) and also has some fancy new tiers, which open up new levels of rewards based on how many points you've amassed (also like a boss).

Starting tomorrow, if you're subscribed to the Outlaw Soap Box newsletter (which you can subscribe to at the bottom of our website, if you haven't already) you'll get a summary of your gold points balance, with fun activities for you to do to get more points (I'm still working on that one, but for now, you can go to your account page and scroll to the bottom and click on "earn rewards" to see what you can do).

Thanks for being on this adventure with us!

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