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I wish I paid more attention in Algebra (please forward this to your discouraged high school friends)

Ah, the beginning of the year, when I frantically run around trying to solve for "x" in the equation of "January represents what percentage of our sales? And if January 2019 was x%, if we grow by y, what will January 2020 be?" ... and then, later, "If January 2020 sales were $z, what does that mean our February - December 2020 sales will be?"... and finally, "If we can expect that each order is $a, how many orders does that mean we should get per month (b), and if our current fulfillment team can handle c number of orders per month, how many people (d) do we have to add in order to handle 'c' orders? (minus potential efficiencies we could create per package (d), multiplied by the number of packages (b))?"

It quickly becomes an onerous equation that is best input into a Google sheet so as the year progresses, we can average the growth and apply the efficiencies.

So if you know someone who, like me, wondered what the practical application of advanced Algebra could possibly be, please forward this post to them.

I use Algebra every day, and I would like to publicly apologize to Mr. Nowak for ever doubting the value of his courses.

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