How to make body wash in one million steps PLUS ONE MORE STEP

western shower gel body wash, now with stronger seals!Last year, I published a very popular and thorough post about how to make body wash in one million easy steps.

Today, I am amused to report that I need to add ONE MORE STEP to that extended saga: heat-sealed bottles.

After three or four complaints that the seal broke in shipment (thank God we enclose every liquid in a ziplock bag!), we started investigating more hardy seals. We found that a heat sealer can create a much better seal than our pressure-sealed seals. So in the next few months, we're rolling out these fancy heat-sealed bottles.

We're a tiny operation and this whole business has been a real learning process. Every year, with every piece of customer feedback, we get better at what we do and how we do it.

Thank you for being patient with us on this adventure. Y'all kick ass!

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