Home on the Range natural bar soap by Outlaw

There's something wrong with how I describe Home on the Range.

When people smell it in person, usually at an event, their faces light up and they say, "Ohhhh... I love that" and then they get a far away look in their eye and I can tell they're not in front of me anymore, they're in some childhood memory they had forgotten.

"It smells like laundry, fresh cut grass, and ripe blackberries."

"Oh yes... I... It reminds me of..." and then I get to hear some wonderful story of the Summertime of their youth, reliving the long, lazy days of what seemed like would be vacation forever.

But then on the website, it doesn't really sell all that much. And yeah, I don't talk about it that much in the blog, but that's exactly because it doesn't sell all that well... except in person.

So if you get a chance to pop by one of our retail friends, give Home on the Range a sniff.


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