| by Danielle Vincent

Help us decide what to make this year: Live Facebook product session this Friday at noon!

We consider ourselves a very democratic company... you tell us what you want, and we do what we can to make it.

It started with our scents, of course. We just watched the sales in the early days and cut products that weren't popular. This is what any sane company does, right?

But over the years, as we've gotten to know you and you've gotten to know us, you've shared your hopes and dreams with us. Well, at least, your Outlaw hopes and dreams.

Author note: I mean, yes, sometimes you do share your life hopes and dreams with us, and we appreciate that, but I digress.

The body wash was Matt's idea.

The solid cologne came from Travis.

The air freshener was from Bo.

The milled soap was made in response to repeated concerns about price and longevity.

The deodorant was a deafening roar from pretty much everyone.

Our product development process is largely about listening to what you, our friends and Outlaws, want us to make, and then figuring out a way to make it.

Every year, we keep a tally of your requests and then we figure out a way to make those things happen... but this year, we're going to be doing that LIVE on our Facebook page at noon PST on Friday.

If you want to know what your intrepid Outlaws are working on, please tune in on Friday and we'll field your questions, thoughts, ideas, and opines. We'd love to collaborate on this fun endeavor with you!


What are you looking forward to

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