Lust in the Dust natural milled bar soap by Outlaw
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What did I do before this soap?
"The scent in this soap ignites a moving picture in my mind of walking into camp among cedars. It's late in the afternoon, warm, and dusty. I'm just glad to be back and look forward to unloading my pack, heating some water, and washing all the sweat and dust off me in my galvanized steel tub while watching the fireflies come out. I can't help it, the scent of this soap makes my mind go through this routine every single time I use it. Please, Outlaw Soaps, never stop making this. I might just wither away…" - Maggie M.

Long desert sunsets and hot desert nights with the smell of sagebrush drifting by. You’ve been riding for days, with dust on the breeze and lust in your heart, knowing that someone special is waiting for you in the next town, and the two of you aren’t gonna to wait ‘til you get a room at the saloon, if you know what I mean.

Lucky for you, partner, you don’t have to spend days on top of a dirty horse to get this feeling. Outlaw’s Lust in the Dust milled bar soap has the smell of sagebrush, cedar, and just a little campfire to bring a touch of excitement to every shower.

With a scent like the wind through the Joshua Trees, the all-vegan ingredients lather-up large, and leave your skin smooth and smelling oh-so wild for the one you love. We guarantee it will wash the dust from your soul, but leave the lust in your heart.

So what do you say, Outlaw? Are you ready to ride? Get your bar here:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My bathroom smells great!

"It's making the whole room smell like a New Mexico summer night. I love walking in there just to breathe deeply and transport myself to the desert." - Genevra G.

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