Fire in the Hole: The campfire soap that's sweeping the world like a brushfire!!! 🔥

A funny thing happened a little over a week ago: A post on a famous website went viral as all get-out. I mean holy shitsnacks,*

We've been making Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap (and lotion, body wash, cologne, etc) since just about the time Outlaw Soaps started, but one blog post went live, and POW! Our products are on fiah!

It has been quite an adventure to catch up with production. As you know (maybe?), all our soaps are handmade (by Russ and Rob, right here in Grass Valley, California) and require 30 days of cure time. (if you want to read more about the ingredients and process behind our handmade soaps, we wrote about that, too)

When we have a rush on soap, even if we kick up production 1000x right away, it still takes at least a month to get caught up just because of that darn cure time. ("That Darn Cure Time" could be the name of a sitcom about our business)

But anyways, more Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap is comin' soon. It'll be back on July 4, just in time for (WHAT WHAT) Independence Day, when we celebrate the creation of this fine country. 🇺🇸

(We hold these truths to be self-evident: that you should smell exactly how you fricken' wanna smell... be that like fresh laundry on a summer day, or bourbon, or campfire and gunpowder!)


* Side note, since I know some of y'all enjoy my turns of phrase... I wanted to say, "viral like a Paris cathouse," but then I thought, "eh, maybe that's too classist." So then I typed "viral like syphilis among 1700s royalty," but it turns out syphilis is bacterial, not viral. And all the other virus metaphors I could come up with were also distasteful or inaccurate. So here we are, without a good metaphor for the level of virality. Writing blogs isn't easy, friends.



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