Fire in the Hole Campfire, Gunpowder, and Whiskey Soap

Our little Fire in the Hole line has gotten mighty popular in the past few months, but how did we come up with the idea of soap that smells like campfire?

Well, it was a day not unlike today... A Saturday morning, in fact, in May of 2013.

We were supposed to go camping, but as new business owners (just having started Outlaw in March of that same year), we had to work. We missed camping, and so we decided to invent a soap that smelled like what we were missing... the rabble, the rousing, the carousing, the whooping and hollering, and the talking until dawn.

You can read more about that whole thing in this post about why we made campfire soap.

Over the years, we've found that people really love to wake up and smell like adventure. These days, it seems even more important, since most of us aren't able to get out camping as much as we want, let alone go camping with friends. We need to remember who we really are, and I think Fire in the Hole, with its campfire inspiration, helps us do that.

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