February's Charity of the Month: Center of Influence

Last month we partnered up with The Center of Influence here in Reno, Nevada, as our charity of the month. We have brought them an abundance of Outlaw goodness (800 lbs, to be exact!) to keep the people they serve (specifically, people who can not afford personal hygiene products) clean and smellin' swell.

You may be thinking, “That’s awesome! But who is this 'Center of Influence' and what do they do?”

Excellent question, my friend!

The Center of Influence helps anyone who is marginalized, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised from society. In other words, they help whoever needs help.

This spoke to us because one of our Magnificent Seven Outlaw Values (value #4, to be exact) is to be kind to everyone.

Whether that may be with food stamps, paying rent, food, clothing, furniture, or through their recovery program, The Center of Influence does their best to look out for their community.

Our donation of nearly 800 pounds of soap will help homeless people and large families who are struggling to keep safe and warm.

Outlaw soap will also be included in the hygiene kits provided to those in need, which they were restricting due to a high demand and lack of supply. And that's why we decided to pick them as our February charity of the month.

As an Outlaw friend and customer, you're supporting our charity programs along with us. Thanks for being here on this adventure with us.

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