Discover the Essence of Winter: Frost Trail Cologne Launches Today

Today marks the launch of our Frost Trail Sample Cologne, an invitation to experience the serene beauty of a winter forest. With the crisp scent of blue spruce to clear your mind, the warm embrace of balsam fir to ground your spirit, and the deep, earthy whisper of oakmoss to connect you to the ancient woods, Frost Trail is your gateway to a tranquil, snowy path.

Ready for a deeper journey?

Join our Scent Soundtrack Subscription. Subscribers not only receive the Frost Trail cologne but also delight in the matching handmade soap or body wash, each enhancing your sensory adventure through the frost-kissed woods.

Embrace the season, embrace the journey. Subscribe today and let Frost Trail guide you through the winter's whispering woods. Your adventure awaits.

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