Buy-Curious? We'd Love to Introduce You to Outlaw's Discovery Set

So, you've heard the tales of our unique and bold scents that are beloved by folks of all genders, and your nose is quivering with... anticip...ation.

You're standing at the crossroads of the ordinary and the extraordinary, wondering where to begin your fragrant journey. Your heart says to spring for the full-size of the scent that sings to your spirit, but your brain urges caution.

What's an Outlaw to do?

The Sidekicks Scent Discovery Set is your perfect starting point, and here's why:
Diving into the world of Outlaw's scents is like stepping into uncharted territory. It's thrilling, a bit daunting, but oh so rewarding.

You've been curious – or should we say, "buy-curious" – about what makes our scents the talk of the town. Now's your chance to satisfy that curiosity without committing to just one full-sized bottle.

Our Scent Discovery Set is your gateway drug to finding that personal fragrance that speaks to you. It's your olfactory exploration kit, featuring the top 5 scents that have captivated Outlaw lovers far and wide:
Blazing Saddles: Saddle up for a scent that's as wild as the West itself.
Fire in the Hole: Ready for an explosion of adventure? This one's for you.
The Gambler: Smooth, rich, and a sure bet for making an impression.
Calamity Jane: Spice up your life with a fragrance that's as bold as its namesake.
Badlands: Embrace the mystery with this smoky and woody wonder.

And here's the best part – this set comes with a $30 store credit toward any full-sized Outlaw cologne you fall for. It's like we're paying you to take a leap into the world of extraordinary scents.

You get to try, test, and live with each fragrance, discovering how they evolve and interact with your unique chemistry (you know, like finding that one special person).

So, why wait? Your curious nature has led you to the doorstep of discovery.

Don't just hang out there on the front steps... Open the door with The Sidekicks Scent Discovery Set, and step into a world where every spritz tells a story.

It's not just about finding a new scent; it's about discovering a new part of yourself. What a perfect way to kick off your 2024. ♥️

Embrace your curiosity and see how your life unfolds:


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