Bandanas while we have 'em!

UPDATE: We are temporarily out of bandanas. But not, like, in the way that everything is temporary. I mean in the way that weeks go by and we will have them again... after April 13.

That's right! We are going to be including bandanas with certain orders!

We've happened upon some really super black bandanas (not the one in the photo, which, to those of you who are blind to color, is red), and knowing that bandanas come in handy in many situations (some of them grocery store-related these days), we've decided to include a bandana free with every order over $40, while supplies last!

We care about your health and well-being, and even though you're probably mostly staying indoors these days, we want you to be protected when out for essential business.

We're thinking about getting Outlaw bandanas made (since we've got this super t-shirt printer as a friend), but I wanted to see if y'all like black bandanas as much as I do.

So what do you think? Do you love black bandanas?

Here's me about to go into the grocery store last weekend:

danielle in a black bandana

Author's note: If you're wondering why we look so uncharacteristically serious and Western movie-esque in the featured photo, it's because we were doing our best to look serious and like a "real" photo shoot... we started giggling about 2 seconds after this photo was shot.

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