Cursed Cowboy campfire and clove beard oil by Outlaw

The other day, I posted asking people to ask me anything, and a couple people chimed in about Cursed Cowboy (the scent of clove and campfire), wanting to know when the solid cologne would be in stock. We've had the product on the website for several months, but we've been frustratingly vague about the in-stock date.

🔥 Our Product Development Process is Democratic

We prioritize products based on how quickly they sell (or sell out) when we first offer them. When we expect a product will do well, we make a limited number of products and see how they sell.

Earlier this year, we did a Cursed Cowboy Spray Cologne, a Cursed Cowboy Candle, and, most recently, Cursed Cowboy Beard & Hair Oil.

Author's note: I personally love Cursed Cowboy and immediately bought myself the Cursed Cowboy Beard & Hair Oil. I love it so much I use it as oil for my arms, and take it on vacation instead of lotion since the bottle's small enough. This morning I decided to dump some gold glitter in my bottle because everything's better with gold glitter. So now, I smell like clove and campfire AND sparkle like embers off a bonfire.

These products sold ok, but only made up about 3.5% of our total sales. Democracy wasn't kind to Cursed Cowboy this year.

Now, there are a lot of reasons this could happen... I might not have promoted them enough or to the right people.
Maybe I should re-write the scent description.
Maybe it's not what people envision as the scent for them (someone wrote that we should absolutely get rid of the campfire scent, since no one wants to smell like that... obviously, I personally disagree, but will it just never be loved?).
Maybe the photos aren't good enough or we need a model for the photos instead of me just wandering around the desert with a camera.
Maybe we need to brand it differently. Maybe people don't like curses.

I am open to suggestions and feedback.

We gotta do something to get these to move faster... I know we have a lot of goths who like Cursed Cowboy (which is where I got the idea for the scent... I used to hang out in a lot of graveyards smoking clove cigarettes and wearing my black suede duster). Are there stores we should be looking into? Are you in groups this would be a good fit for?

I can reach out to Nick, my secret weapon and sexy model / photographer. He and his awesome wife can definitely make some outstanding photos and videos... but we need to get 'em in front of more people.

So, that's the story about Cursed Cowboy!

I'm rooting for it!

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