Lust in the Dust handmade natural bar soap by Outlaw

You've been asking for it, and now we're delivering... regularly! Specifically, at exactly the interval you need!

Now, every Outlaw product has a subscribe-and-save option, so you can ensure you never run out of Outlaw, no matter how much or little you use! And you can mix and match however you want! Variety is the spice of YOUR life, and we're here for the spice!

All at a friendly 10% off. Isn't that a fine "how do you do?" (and "how do you do?" is going to be what all the fine folks are gonna be sayin' as you strut down the street in your exceptional Outlaw scents)

Not only that, you can mix it up however you want... so if you want to change out your subscription for bar soap every week so you can try every scent? No sweat, amigo! Just log in to your account and swap 'em out. It's that easy!

Get your handmade soap subscriptions

Or perhaps your body wash subscriptions

Or deodorant? Yes, totally subscription for that!

Solid cologne subscriptions are also now a thing

It's our little way of saying "we're here for you," aside from all those creepy notes we leave in our breath in your mirror.

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Why can’t I get lust in the dust deodorant

Diana Cecil

1. Will you be adding ‘refill bags’ for hand soap dispensers, although I don’t see these dispensers for hand soap listed now.
2. If you need different delivery times for products, do you need different subscriptions? 2 months on bar soap, but 1 month on liquid hand soap.
3. Is it possible to purchase the little bars of soap that you use to put in orders (same size hotels use)? I like to use them in my guest baths.