ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2022 Bumper Sticker Selections

FIRST SELECTION: "Outlaws: Wanted by more than just the law!"

Congratulations, Joseph, for penning our newest addition to the splendid bumper stickers, and entering our Outlaw Hall of Fame (note: not a literal hall, nor an official designation).

I just created the print file and handed it off for production! This'll be in heavy circulation in mere weeks, creating (figurative) vehicular impact wherever Outlaws roam (which is EVERYWHERE!).

This statement is true on so many levels! We are an uncommon sort, and that makes us outstandingly desirable... for some, they seek to enforce conformity. But for others - for THE OUTLAWS - we're dangerously appealing!

And those are OUR KIND OF PEOPLE!

I was so glad to see this win the popular vote, of our 10 final selections.

SECOND SELECTION: "Live dangerously! Shower like an Outlaw"

Kenneth! This was a very close second, so we're also making this a bumper sticker in celebration of your brilliance!

And I love how it truly captures the irreverent Outlaw spirit: Why shower in a way that supports a safe and predictable life? I truly loathe the whole idea! The ONLY way to shower is to shower like an OUTLAW!

THIRD SELECTION: "Live life on the trail, but don’t smell like it"

And for honorable mention, Michael's entry won sufficient votes to dominate one segment of the voting public (which is really saying something!)!

This one is especially near and dear to my heart, because I am an enthusiast of life on the road, and much of my recent Outlaw use has been hastily executed basin baths exactly so I don't smell like the trail!


We got hundreds of entries, and most of the finalists submitted multiple wonderful entries. My own personal perspective was so skewed and partial that I had to hand off the first pass of selections to Russ and create a blind second pass so I wouldn't get all sentimentally attached because I love the individual Outlaw who submitted the entry.

When I was explaining why it was hard to announce the final winners, Shantel, our Customer Satisfaction Manager, laughed and said, "Your heart is just too big, Danielle!"

But here's the thing: Outlaw has been around since 2013. Many of our customers / Outlaws have been running with this gang for many years. In the past few years, we had wildfires and a pandemic. We had shipping issues and supply chain challenges.

And beyond the global things, we're also just a bunch of scent enthusiasts trying to figure this stuff out. So there have been enough self-imposed disasters to write a book about (which I will, and which will be called "Gunfight at the I'm OK, You're OK Corral").

We've faced and overcome MULTIPLE challenges, and we've done it TOGETHER. You've been outstandingly patient, and outstandingly kind.

We've even asked you for money! (update on that coming soon - or you should be receiving updates via email if you contributed to the loan)

So, you know, my heart's big, but it's because we're a lot of Outlaws, and there's a lot of love. I'm PROUD of my inability to be impartial. I know I speak for all the Outlaws (especially Customer Satisfaction, who works with everyone on a regular basis) when I say that it's an honor to be in your gang.

And that's a really long way of saying:

This was very hard. I hope you're not disappointed if you submitted a brilliant bumper sticker and we didn't select it, but we'll definitely do this again!

And CONGRATULATIONS to Joseph, Kenneth, and Michael!

Side note: It is interesting to me that all three winners have the full-name version of their names, not "Joe, Ken, and Mike." I think that's pretty unique.

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Damien Trusty

I Would Love To See Home On The Ranch Beard An Hair Oil

Michael Young

Woohoo!! Y’all are the bestest ever, the whole outlaw gang rocks! Life has been pretty rough lately, thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. Btw, loving the new life on the mountains and so happy to get my reissue of the original (though I will be sad when it’s used up), still hoping for a permanent reissue. the subscriptions are just getting better and better.