And what the heck is up with that super cool padding?

Yeah, you know it! We're rockin' some Geami paper in our sustainable boxes!


Lemme tell you about this crazy shit, because it blows my mind.

Side note: if you had any question about how big of a packaging dork I am, let me put that to rest: GIANT dork. probably the biggest.

This crazy shit comes in flat rolls which are perforated with little slits -- I don't know how they're made, so don't ask me -- , and then a machine pulls the paper apart, which expands the Geami into this nice padding! LIKE FRICKEN' MAGIC!

WHAT? Yes: it's in flat rolls, and a machine expands it!

Before we got this fancy Geami machine, we were wadding up tissue and newsprint like common cavemen. People weren't delighted with the periodic brokenness... and since we started using the Geami, no one has reported anything broken at all!

How did I find this magic stuff?

Glad you asked! Remember how I told you I'm the biggest dork ever? Well, last Summer, I was at a conference for similarly-sized dorks, and I heard some small commotion coming from a booth... like a whirring and crumpling.

Now, mind you, foremost in my mind was coming up with an eco-friendly and easy-to-use solution to our packaging situation. So this was like a bolt from the blue sky: RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE AND EFFECTIVE?

And within a few days, their local rep (coincidentally located in Reno, where we're moving) was at our workshop showing everyone how to make flag-fold Geami pads LIKE A BOSS.

We super duper love it, and so do our customers, who enjoy break-free products delivered quickly and environmentally sustainably! Everyone wins!

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