A Whisper from the Cosmos for this April's Eclipse: "Burning Daylight" Beckons on March 15

Scent Notes: Cedar | Amber | Musk

In the quiet corner of the calendar where March meets April, the universe conspires to weave a tale not often told. On April 8, the sun and moon will share a secret in the sky, a full solar eclipse that promises to turn day briefly into twilight. Outlaw invites you on a journey through the essence of this moment captured in a bottle—the "Burning Daylight" Sample Cologne.

The Day When Shadows Sing

As the light wanes, the world is draped in a celestial shawl, shadows dancing to a rhythm set by the cosmos itself. This eclipse, a ballet of light and dark, crafts a tapestry of twilight mystery right outside your window, urging the day to pause and night to whisper its arrival.

Essence of Eclipse in Every Drop

Within the confines of this 15 ml cologne lies the distilled essence of the eclipse's fleeting beauty. "Burning Daylight" offers an exploration of contrasts, an experience embedded in scent.

Cedar, the opening note, grounds you amidst the surreal transformation of the world.

As the eclipse reaches its zenith, amber and musk rise to harmonize with the celestial choreography.

Seize the Moment on March 15: Watch your inbox!

On March 15, for one day only, the "Burning Daylight" Sample Cologne is available for $15, a harbinger of the full experience to come at its regular price of $19.50.

Be the first to know when this incredible scent is available: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/burning-daylight-sample-cologne-aprils-scent-of-the-month

The full size (100 ml) version will also be available for pre-order from March 15 until the 2nd week of April.

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