OMG it's hard to believe I'm actually LEAVING tomorrow morning!

Monday: Colfax, Virginia City, Bishop

This is the first part of my trip. My plan in general is to go to a town first thing in the morning (or first-thing-in-the-morning as possible) and then visit all the stores before they get busy.

And then I'll spend most of the day driving.

So tomorrow, I'll be leaving home at around 7 in the morning and getting to Virginia City at 10ish. I'll visit a few stores and then hit the road to amble on down to Bishop (or thereabouts) for the night.

Tuesday: Bishop, Death Valley, Las Vegas

Bishop is a place very close to my heart, since I have enjoyed many Mule Dayses there (what's the plural of "Mule Days"?). I know this is a great place for Outlaw Soaps, because it's rustic, awesome, fun, and a little touristy (but still keepin' it real).

I've found a couple little shops there, but mostly places don't have websites, so I'll have to do some personal scouting.

After Bishop, I'll be driving down through Death Valley. Death Valley is one of the most amazing places on earth, since it is below sea level and is generally OBSCENELY HOT. Thankfully, while I am driving through, I'll be enjoying the early Spring weather of upper 80s.

The reason I'm going through Death Valley (aside from the obvious "WOW IT'S DEATH VALLEY" reason) is because there are some really great gift shops that I think would really be perfect for Outlaw, particularly our lotion. It's SO GOSH DANG DRY down there, and our Stick-Ups are like magic on uncomfortably dry skin. But, ya know, our soaps make a really great souvenir too, so I think anything they wanted to carry would be perfect.

I wasn't even going to visit Las Vegas, but then I realized I had never seen Fremont Street and of course there's the legendary Golden Nugget Casino (a rich opportunity for Outlaw Soaps, I might note), and I also probably should arrange a shower every couple days since my actual career is based on not smelling like a sweaty armpit.

Wednesday: Las Vegas, Kingman, Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome, Prescott

Goodbye, Las Vegas! On Wednesday, I'll make my way through the beginning of the real Wild West.

I recall Kingman being kind of a cute town, but honestly, now that I'm looking at the Wikipedia page, I can't remember why I thought that. Oh well, if I skip it I'll skip it.

Flagstaff is kind of like Bishop: rustic, cute, touristy (but not too touristy), and friendly. It seems like there will be many opportunities to pitch soap there.

I've actually been to Sedona a couple times and WHOA it is one of my favorite places. I wrote ahead and will be visiting the Cowboy Corral to see if they'd like to carry our soaps. I'm really looking forward to meeting the owners, Miss Kitty and Mean Mike, since their website is just delightful.

Also, it'll be a real feat if I get out of there without spending all my money. Because just look at this.

Jerome is where Billy the Kid met Wyatt Earp.

Prescott is my intended resting place for the night, since there are many places in Prescott of an Outlaw appeal.

Thursday: Prescott, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson

YAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Prescott behind me, I'm going to be hitting up a couple places in Phoenix (aka "the big city").

And we're very excited to announce that I'll be personally delivering an order to the Scottsdale Western Spirit Museum. So yes, we are officially in TWO Western history museums! (isn't that about the most awesome thing ever? yes, yes it is)

After Scottsdale, I'll be returning to my BELOVED CITY OF TUCSON, where I'll be visiting one of my favoritest people on the planet, Gretchen. She has the day off work, so we'll be going to the various great shops around there.

And one of my friends from high school (in Seattle, of all places) happens to now be an artist in Tucson, so I'm going to see if I can get together with her while I'm there.

There's even an old town Tucson. Anything that has the words "Old" and "Town" in the name is always ripe for Outlaw stuff.

I'm sure Gretchen and I will end up in our favorite bar (and one of her places of employ) The Surly Wench.

I literally can not emphasize enough how excited I am for the Tucson wing of my journey!

Friday: Tucson, Tombstone, Bisbee, The Thing

Tombstone is one of the biggest reasons for the whole trip, since if anywhere is absolutely PERFECT for Outlaw Soaps, it's Tombstone. I've been to Tombstone and I love Tombstone. That place has more gunfights-per-capita than anywhere else in the world, I'm sure.

And Bisbee is just a half hour from Tombstone, and it's a funky little town, so I figured I might as well mosey on down there. In Bisbee, there are a couple cute little shops that I figured I'd talk to.

No trip to Arizona would be complete without a trip to visit THE THING. What is "THE THING"? Well, you'll just have to wait for me to publish photos!

And after THE THING, I'll be gettin' back on to Tucson for what will undoubtedly end up as more drinks at Surly Wench and probably Che's.

Friday: Tucson to Los Angeles

I can't rightfully go past Los Angeles without visiting, since I have friends and family there. But we're in the home stretch.

Saturday: Los Angeles to HOME

I'm exhausted even writing this, so I don't know how I'll feel when I actually am doing the drive. But by that time, I'm sure I'll want to be back in my honey's arms and petting my darling dogs. Ever notice how the road's longest when you're looking forward to the destination?

And that's it!

Do you have any places I absolutely must visit along the way?

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