As you may have heard, the USPS has increased their rates in the past week.shipping outlaw soaps

We know that some people already have an issue with paying for shipping on our products, and boy, do we feel ya.

And even though we know it's expensive, as a small business, we may not be able to absorb the cost since we run pretty tight margins around here. We recently increased our prices by $1 in response to an increase in the price of olive oil (drought, brought about by climate change, has caused a worldwide olive oil shortage).

Right now, we're not going to increase the shipping costs on our site.

But we'll be re-evaluating all our prices and annual supplies purchasing this coming weekend in our annual meeting. We're going to try to once again leverage bigger purchases to get the lowest possible prices, so we may not have to increase our rates at all.

One way you can save on shipping is to request Outlaw Soaps in your local stores. Check out our Ask for Outlaws! page for more information about how to do that.

As always, we strive to be transparent about our business practices. Price increases in one place increases prices across-the-board. Even if we are able to cut costs with bulk purchases, our vendors are charging us the higher postage rates. We will be evaluating how that affects the overall costs of production.

To be clear, we support a rate increase for the USPS. Frankly, the fact that we can send a single bar of soap from our tiny workshop in rural California to an individual in rural Tennessee in a matter of days for under $3 is completely astonishing to me. Even if 1 out of 50 of our packages goes missing, they still have an incredible rate of success. It's a huge organization that is fundamentally the backbone of US delivery infrastructure and I think it's worth another $0.50 - $0.70 to preserve the service.

Thanks so much for supporting our small business!

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