Dang it, the last blog post I wrote was just erased by an untimely tab mis-click.

So... the gist of it is that I'm in Orlando and today was the biggest sales day we've had all year. I don't know why or how. It's amazing. It really is making possible our weird little dream of moving to Colfax and having a shop!

Russ is home alone filling orders, since I'm at a conference in Orlando.

Thankfully, I trust him and know he is kicking ass and literally taking names (see yesterday's blog post), but it still is something I wish I could be there helping with.

Such is the life of a team: you have to trust that the other person is doing the best you can, and you have to keep making sure YOU are doing the best you can. The other day, we were making soap together and I spun out my stick blender because I was watching him stir the soap. Thankfully, I didn't spray raw soap everywhere, but I could have. It was dangerous and I should have been watching my own self.

It's good to know that Russ is taking care of stuff back home. He's my husband, my best friend, and the best goldarn business partner I could ever want to be in these trenches with.

So... how did you find us? I await your comments, because really, I do want to know.


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