My friend posted this article about a couple who quit their high powered advertising jobs to scrub toilets.

I want you to read it and see how it makes you feel.

Do you feel grateful for your relatively poo-free life?


Do you feel envious of their adventure?

This is it.

This is the entirety of the litmus test. Does their struggle seem worth it to you? Or is the price of adventure too high?

The AdWeek article is definitely schadenfreude-slanted. If you read their blog post about their own struggles, you'll see that they feel like it's worth it (mostly). (their blog reads kind of like this blog... it's fucking HARD, but, eh, it's worth it 90% of the time)

So what do you think? Is it worth it?

Side note: if you fantasize about saving up enough money to do this without scrubbing toilets, or you are on your path to doing that, more power to you. Mostly I hear from people who just want to up and quit like we did, so this is a litmus test for that choice.

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