2022 and the Lucky Year of the Outlaw
Hey Outlaw gang! Here's a question for you: We're thinking of putting together a kind of catazine... a catalog and magazine thing, where we have both articles and photos, product information and other stuff (especially the amazing reviews and product suggestions that customers send us).
First, what would you like to see in an Outlaw catazine?
Second, would you be interested in contributing?
For example, I was thinking that since the Elko Cowboy Poetry Festival got cancelled this year (I wanted to go so bad!) that we could maybe round up some of the poets to share some of their work.
And one of my dear friends wrote The Mojave Phone Booth - a tremendous writer - and we might be able to convince him to throw some interesting travel prose our way.
And then also, we're working on a new Life on the Mountain concept (derived and yet different from Mountain Hideout), and I'd love to talk about the product development process of this new idea.
This would be a little thing - not a full-blown glossy hundred-page number, but more like a 5x7 stapled endeavor. I've been an editor of a news publication in the past (ok, a college newspaper, but experience is experience) and I've been yearning to explore more ways to share the literal awesomeness of life among our Outlaw gang.

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