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The Big Hairy Scary Jar: Checklist of Doom meets the randomizer.

I have a confession to make: Since early December, I have totally not been keeping up with The Checklist of Doom. Yes, it was TOTALLY EFFECTIVE while I used it. We got press. We got sales. We got lots of stuff out of it... but I kind of stopped keeping up with it in the craziness of the holidays and never got back on the program. So I started a new program: The Big Hairy Scary Jar: hairy scary Those are the pages of my Zen Page-a-Day calendar. Each has a big hairy scary thing written on it (like "visit a store," "contact the media," "ask someone to dinner," ... today's was "write a blog post"). These are things that I have to really center myself and breathe in and out before I do. I have committed to pulling one page out every day and doing the thing. There are a few "free days" in there, since doing something every day is hard and it's nice to get a vacation from doing something scary. Since I'm not doing the huge checklist right now, I figured I needed to keep pushing myself somehow. So this big hairy scary jar is just ONE thing every day. Totally manageable. Ultimately, I want to get back to the checklist. When I do, I'll just put a line item for "big hairy scary" on there and have seven slots. But for now, we do ONE THING.

What would be in your big hairy scary jar?


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