Blazing Saddles scent of leather sandalwood sagebrush for men and women

Dive deep into the heart of the Wild West with Blazing Saddles, the scent that embodies the soul of the frontier.

Crafted for those who embrace the untamed spirit of adventure, this fragrance is a bold declaration of freedom. With notes of leather, sandalwood, sagebrush, and gunpowder, Blazing Saddles is a tribute to the rugged, open plains and the stories woven into the fabric of the West.

The Spray Cologne: Your Daily Dash of Daring

Our Blazing Saddles Spray Cologne is the flagship of the frontier spirit. Each spritz is a leap into a world where every day is an adventure, and every moment is ripe with possibility. It's designed for those who lead with courage, ready to face the world with a blend of natural and lab-made essences that capture the essence of the Wild West.

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The Beard Oil: Rugged, Refined, Revolutionary

Nourish your beard with the essence of the wilderness. Blazing Saddles Beard Oil combines the quintessential scents of the West with a formula that softens and hydrates. It's more than just care for your beard; it's a statement of sophistication and a nod to the rugged individualist within.

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The Solid Cologne: Adventure in Your Pocket

For the outlaw on the go, Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne offers the same bold fragrance in a convenient, travel-friendly form. This compact companion ensures you carry the spirit of the West wherever your journey takes you, ready to unleash your inner cowboy with a simple swipe.

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The Natural Soap: Unleash Your Inner Outlaw

Elevate your cleansing ritual with Blazing Saddles Natural Soap. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this soap not only purifies the skin but also imbues your day with the essence of adventure. It's a daily reminder of the wild, untamed landscapes that inspire every Outlaw product.

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The Body Wash: A Cascade of Wild West Wonder

Transform your shower into a waterfall in the wilderness with Blazing Saddles Body Wash. Infused with the bold scents of the frontier, it's an invitation to start every day on a note of exploration and excitement, leaving your skin refreshed and your spirit reinvigorated.

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Ready to saddle up and ride into the sunset with Blazing Saddles?

Discover the full collection here and let the spirit of the Wild West guide your journey!


And if you're keen to explore more, our Cologne Sample Set offers a tour of Outlaw's finest fragrances, including Blazing Saddles, The Gambler, Calamity Jane, and more.

Whether you're a dedicated fan or a curious newcomer, there's a scent to capture your heart and embark on an adventure!

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