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Announcing the 2020 New Product Lineup!

Our democratic product development process has never failed us, and so today, we took the submissions you've sent in over the past year and announced our new product timeline based on YOUR requests:

Spring 2020: Outlaw T-shirts!

Wear your Outlaw on your sleeve (and everywhere else on your upper torso) with our American Made Outlaw T-Shirts! They'll be very attractive and based on our old style, with the big ol' Outlaw ® logo on the front, and one of our delightfully awesome, customer-supplied sayings on the back (which you'll get to pick and/or vote on).

If you're not part of the Outlaw Gold program, you might want to click that little tab in the lower left corner (of our website) and sign up, because these'll be steeply discounted for our gang.

Spring/Summer 2020: Soap Sample Box!

OK OK OK OK OK WE GET IT!!! You want samples of all the soaps.

Last year, we introduced solid cologne samples, and those have been sellin' like hotcakes.

We rolled out our variety pack sample sets in the middle of last year, and those have been mighty popular, but outstandingly difficult to make.

And a few weeks ago, we posted about the thing that EVERYONE has asked for over the years: A soap sample set of all of our soap scents.

This has been complicated for a number of reasons, all of them to do with production challenges that I don't need to go into right now, but as soon as we're caught up on soap, we'll introduce these sample sets.

I just want you to know that it's widely acknowledged that YOU ARE RIGHT and we definitely need soap samples!

Fall 2020: Candles!

Similarly, you've been SO patient in your requests for candles. You're absolutely right: they make sense. They're a great idea. They will RULE and will make your home smell like whatever your heart desires (as long as your heart desires your house to smell like an Outlaw scent).

These'll be in tins suitable for happy traveling, so you can bring Outlaw with you whether you're tending the homestead or ramblin' the roads.

Thank you SO MUCH for sending us your requests. If you want to submit things for consideration in next year's round-up, please shoot us a line and we'll add it to our list!


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