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10 Good Reasons to Give an Outlaw Gift Certificate (instead of, for example, a cheese ball)

10. Your uncle is lactose intolerant, which means that a cheese ball is the absolute worst thing you can give him...

... and the fact that milk is in darn near everything means that he really could use a little olfactory air cover, if you know what I mean.

9. Gift Certificates are one-size-fits-all...

... which means you can avoid all those uncomfortable sizing conversations and stick with much less awkward conversations, like how you think they should smell.

8. The Gift Certificate is sent via email right away after you buy it...

... which really throws down the gauntlet on awesome gift-giving. So, like, if you buy it now, you know they're gonna get you something amazing (maybe even some Outlaw for you!).

7. You don't really have time for all that picking-out-their-scents stuff...

... and scent is so personal that they really should make these decisions for themselves. With a gift certificate, they can experience the joy of reading and evaluating all the Outlaw scents on their own, experimenting, and celebrating their good choices.

6. Postage is a hassle and you don't know their street address anymore...

... and lucky for everyone, you don't have to worry about it even a little. They can be responsible for their own postage situation.

5. You're supporting a small, American-made manufacturing business...

... which you love and you know they'll love!

4. A gift certificate to Outlaw shows that you know them...

... and know they're badass enough to handle Outlaw sundries! It is the ultimate gesture of high esteem, like a virtual high five next to a bonfire you both built together.

3. It never goes bad, unlike the cheese ball...

... which one might argue is already bad to begin with. I mean, where did that thing even come from? Is it even legal to order dairy products from a paper catalog to be shipped through the mail? If it is, it shouldn't be.

2. It'll make 'em popular with their preferred romantic partner...

... or, at least, any romantic partner worth having. As we say 'round here, "If they don't like the smell of campfire and whiskey, how long was this really gonna last anyways?"

1. It's totally unique, just like them...

... which is really the only reason worth giving a gift at all, right? An Outlaw gift certificate says, "You're amazing, I see you're amazing, and this amazing stuff is right up your alley."


So what are you waiting for?

Send an Outlaw Gift Card today!



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