Outlaw's First Ever Test Flight: 5 new scents & a $30 store credit to use on a future purchase

In the heart of the wild, where every breath is a story and every moment is an invitation to the untamed, Outlaw's newest collection of scents is available NOW, inviting you on an immediate journey through the essence of adventure

These creations are gateways to the diverse landscapes and raw narratives of the wild, crafted for those who carry the spirit of the frontier in their hearts.

Each comes with a $30 store credit to be used on a future purchase, as well as an invitation to provide feedback about each scent.

Daybreak on the Ridge...

... is the tranquility of dawn amidst the forests high on a ridge, where the air is a blend of pine, leather, and sandalwood. This scent captures the quiet promise of a new day breaking over the tree line, the ground beneath alive and rich.

Storm Over the High Mesa...

... channels the impending force of a high mesa storm, with the invigorating scents of sagebrush, petrichor, and sandalwood colliding. It embodies the anticipation of nature's tempest, the air charged and alive, ready to unleash its unbridled power.

Open Frontier...

... speaks to the boundless freedom found in the vast prairies, through the harmonious blend of sagebrush, wild grass, and cedar. It reflects the untamed wilderness, the endless sky overhead, and the spirit of those who ventured into the unknown, their stories whispered by the wind.

Dusk Outlaw...

... evokes the shadowy tranquility of twilight, mixing cedar, sagebrush, bourbon, and tobacco. This scent is a tribute to the quiet moments as day fades to night, a time for reflection under the vast, starlit sky, where the heart beats in rhythm with the solitude of the wild.

This Wild Cabin...

... offers a retreat into the comforting embrace of a woodland cabin, with cedar, firewood, lavender, and juniper creating a sanctuary. It captures the essence of peace and reflection where the warmth of a crackling fire meets the crisp air of the surrounding forest, a blend of spice and freshness.

Embark on a sensory journey through the wild with Outlaw’s latest collection. Each scent is an exploration, an experience, a voyage to the heart of the wilderness. Get yours at https://liveoutlaw.com/products/outlaws-test-flight-sample-our-newest-scents-decide-which-you-love

Let the adventure unfold!

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