NEW TODAY: Get Burning Daylight Sample Cologne before April's official launch

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Today, March 15, marks the arrival of an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique essence that is "Burning Daylight," our Scent of the Month, meticulously crafted in anticipation of the eclipse on April 8, 2024.

This fragrance invites you to delve into a narrative as profound as the solar eclipse itself, encapsulating the awe-inspiring interplay of light and shadow, earth and sky.

Burning Daylight's scent unfolds with the grounding robustness of cedar, a scent that anchors you to the present moment, evoking the solidity of the earth beneath your feet.

Amber then sweeps in, a sweet and earthy melody that captures the ephemeral beauty of twilight, the world bathed in an amber-tinted glow.

Completing this sensory journey, musk lingers as a primal echo, a reminder of the rarity and enduring allure of the moment the sun and moon embrace in their celestial dance.

Seize the Moment: Sample "Burning Daylight"

The launch of the sample size today is your invitation to preview this captivating scent. It's a first step into a larger journey, one that allows you to experience firsthand the fragrance designed to commemorate the solar eclipse.

This preview ensures that you have the chance to understand the depth and complexity of "Burning Daylight" before the full-size cologne goes on pre-sale on March 17 (for release on April 2).

Today, you can order your sample of Burning Daylight, April's Scent of the Month:

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