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Outlaw Cologne: The right lineup for that in-between-adventures feeling

You know that feeling, right?

You're ordinarily out adventuring -- camping, using a hatchet for something, gunfighting, lighting an explosive object on fire -- but sometimes, due to no fault of your own, you're housebound (thanks, COVID-19).

But you don't have to wallow in that house-bound-wallower smell! You can smell like the heroes of the Wild West all the time, adventure or no adventure!

We invented this entire company so that you could take those incredible scents with you, wherever you go, whenever you want them, even if that "where" is your couch, and that "when" is during a voluntary sequester.

So while you're home, why not try out one of the phenomenal (and alcohol-based, so they could even be used as a super-scented disinfectant - beats the heck out of Purell smell) spray colognes:

Fire in the Hole: the scent of campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, and excitement

Blazing Saddles: the Wild West in a bottle - leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush

The Badlands: a smoky and delightful sidekick reminiscent of a campfire

The Gambler: a sweet and bourbon-inspired medley of bourbon, tobacco, and leather



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Outlaw Soaps creates rugged & real scents worthy of your most fearless forays.




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