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Ok, I'll come out and say it: You're a better person if you buy Outlaw natural body wash

Billions of pieces of plastic end up as waste every year. They take more than 450 years to decompose, and during that time they can harm animals and the environment.

Body wash bottles are a huge contributor to the plastic that ends up in our garbage. But still, two-thirds of people prefer body wash to soap... so what's an ocean-loving Outlaw to do?

Outlaw Body Wash comes in recyclable aluminum bottles, so you can return to body wash again! Outlaw Natural Body Wash is sustainable because we made recyclable aluminum bottles custom for our natural body wash and lotion.

Why aluminum? Well, aluminum can be recycled endlessly! It can be made into pretty much anything, and even if it ends up in a landfill, it takes about half the time to decompose (still, it's not without impact, so please do recycle).

We know that Outlaws loved our flask-shaped plastic bottles with the flip tops, so rest assured, we're working on other kinds of bottles (using recycled plastic) and container refills (those fancy pouches).

Thank you for caring about the environment AND being an Outlaw!

Want to get your own satin of suds? Get some Outlaw Natural Body Wash!

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