| by Danielle Vincent

"Is this a bug?" Outlaws watch out for each other... and no, it's not a bug!

In the past couple of weeks, we've received more than a handful of Outlaws sending us screenshots of our available rewards asking if the "1 point for 20% off" or the "1 point for 70% off Outlaw Gear" is a mistake.

This is EXACTLY the kind of honorable behavior I have witnessed time and time again with our Outlaw gang.

It warms my heart and is exactly the reason we can do things like our satisfaction guarantee (which is the ONLY satisfaction guarantee that even covers goat mastication*!). We've found that almost no one abuses it and it makes a lot of people happy.

But yeah, for real, when you reach certain tiers of the Outlaw Gold program (that's our loyalty program), you get running discounts which can be used for things like 70% off Outlaw gear for just one point.

Why? Because by the time you've done something to earn one of these reward levels, YOU FRICKEN' EARNED IT. I want you to be proudly wearing your Outlaw t-shirt, stowing stowables in your Outlaw travel bag, and mugging yourself withe the Outlaw mug.

Want to check out what Outlaw gold you've got? Visit your Account page on LiveOutlaw.com and scroll to the bottom (or click the link at the top).

If you'd like to earn some points and help an Outlaw out, click on the "refer friends" link on the left side and share your personal referral link with the best people you know. They'll get 15% off their order, and you'll earn 350 points!


* As far as I know.

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