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This weekend only: Sign up for an Outlaw Gold account and earn yourself a free "Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat" mug!

(some terms and conditions apply)

In the lower right corner of our website (that's http://LiveOutlaw.com for all y'all who don't know), you may have noticed a little brown tab that says "Outlaw Gold" on it (if you squint - I may have made the font too small).

If you click on that tab, you'll be invited to sign up or log into your Outlaw Gold account.

Once you've done that piece of tidy work, the points from your past purchases should be automagically assigned to your account (that is, if you're an existing customer...). You'll need to have 700 total accumulated Outlaw Gold Points or be in a silver, gold, platinum, or subscriber tier (basically, if you've placed an order, you'll likely qualify).

Once you do that, find the reward of 100% off "Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat" mug, and redeem it, and copy that code, and use that code at checkout for your free mug (limit one per customer).

We have limited supplies, so this offer is GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, and we have the right to end or amend this offer, because this is all quite new to us.

For us, the Outlaw Gold program is our way of showing loyalty to YOU, payin' y'all back for the love you give to us. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

Want the mug without all the rigamarole? Here it is: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/wake-up-kick-ass-repeat-outlaw-soaps-mug

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