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Smell like an Outlaw no matter where you go with our new liquid cologne sidekicks

The sidekick to your adventure

Liquid colognes bring the Outlaw life to your every day, all day.

Liquid cologne in a lovely little bottle
By request, we've made liquid colognes of your favorite signature scents (at least we hope they're your favorite!).

This month, we partnered with our professional perfumer friend to create some fun and portable pocket-sized colognes. We especially love these because they're easy to use on anything, anywhere (even in your home, should you be inclined), fit in your pocket, won't stain fabric, and smell great all day long.

You may be familiar with our product development process by now, but in case you're not, here it is (in a nutshell):
  1. Release a limited edition prototype (that's what we've got now)
  2. Have professional packaging made
  3. Order production quantities as needed
So these ones are prototypes, meaning they don't have fancy labels yet (though we went ahead and started the process of ordering labels, so those are coming soon).

The colognes are in our three most popular scents:
  1. Blazing Saddles Cologne
  2. The Gambler Cologne
  3. Fire in the Hole Cologne
I hope you love them very much! They'll eventually be $22, but for now, they're $12.

Side note: If you're a Clean Getaway Subscriber, you'll be getting a Fire in the Hole Cologne in your subscription box in early July.

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