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Remember Who You Are

I was talking with our website developer today, and was telling him a little about our company, and summarized our core mission as "to remind people who they are at their best."

With scents like campfire, whiskey, a pine forest, a tack room, we want scents that fit you for who you are.

And as we talked about this strange time, I was saying how important it is now, more than ever, to remember who we are, because in general, we aren't who we are at our best right now.

But we have to remember.

At my best, I'm sitting on a stump in the desert, drinking a cup of overly-gritty, practically chewable coffee in front of a fire. At my best, I'm hanging out with friends in Pioneertown, singing along with my favorite band. At my best, I'm walking on a gravel road in my cowboy boots, listening to the crunch under my feet and feeling the hot air of a dry Summer on my face and in my hair.

These days, I'm often sitting on my couch having a pint of ice cream, watching TV or playing video games, cancelling our vacation, eating re-heated mass-batched food. I'm wearing a mask that's hard to breathe in. I'm paranoid about gas station handles. I'm paranoid about everything.

These days, it's hard to be our best.

These days, it's hard to even remember who we are at our best.

But we're still those people. And someday, in hopefully the not too distant future (but at least 6' of distance, right?), we'll be those people again.

Share with us here... who are you at your best? What are you looking forward to doing again?

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