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Outlaw Colognes is coming soon to a "here" near you!

Our signature scents are so beloved that people have been requesting spray / liquid colognes of them for years. We've had solid colognes, but there's something nice about a spray cologne that, frankly, is more traditional and therefore more commonly-accepted.

About 6 months ago, we partnered with my friend and colleague Jennifer Hardaway of KleanSpa to make some excellent spray colognes, but we don't make those in house. They're great, but small. People have been asking for bigger quantities, and at 3.3 oz, we might as well try making them ourselves.

But the thing is, we're not cologne makers.

We're soapmakers. We make lotion. We make body wash and hand wash. But cologne is a bit of a different beast. It means stepping into a new realm of business. It's one we're not quite familiar with on a personal level.

We went back to the lab.

handmade small batch independent cologneActually, that's not totally true. You see, we don't even have a lab to go back to.

Russ had to set up our own cologne lab in his office (photo of that coming soon) and try to make up concoctions that smell exactly identical to the solid cologne, body wash, and soap (which already are a moving target, since the ingredients themselves have a scent, and everything smells different on a person).

In the mean time, we've been working with our expert designer, Alyssa Butler, to design labels that both stand on their own, and work well in a box. We wanted them to reflect the Wild West and also be reminiscent of our general vice-driven theme, this time, cigars. I sent over this Pinterest board.

We wanted them to be unique among all the colognes out there, but also identifiable as part of our own product group, since our products all align with some very specific profiles.

Here's the first design:

Spray cologne label design small batch handmade manly cologne

 (Yes, that's a screenshot of the actual file that she sent over.)

Right away, I got goosebumps: this is it.

So now, we're in the process of getting bottles sent to us for a small run (just 10 of each) to see how they go. Watch here (and your newsletter) to find out when they're available. Until we get the boxes, they'll be at a lower price (like $35 for 3.3 oz). Once we get the box situation sorted, they'll go up to somewhere around $50, depending on the cost of the box (yes, boxes are hella expensive for our little quantities... don't hate the player).

Are you looking forward to Outlaw Colognes?

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