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Have you ever wanted to own a part of something truly wild and unique? Now's your chance! Our crowdfunding campaign is closing on June 20, and we're inviting you to be part of our success story. With $14.9M in total revenue and $2.2M in 2023, we've built a community of over 200,000 passionate Outlaws.

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Hi, I'm Danielle Vincent, co-founder of Outlaw. Outlaw isn't just a business – it's a labor of love and a commitment to bringing the rugged beauty of the American West to life through our products. We create scientifically-backed scents that inspire and uplift. Our iconic fragrances, like leather, campfire, whiskey, clove, and fresh cut grass, are designed to evoke your happiest memories and favorite places.

We’ve been crafting products since 2013 to make people happier, more productive, and healthier.

Our true-to-life scents are not just inspired by real life – they are scientifically proven to enhance your well-being. Imagine waking up to the invigorating scent of fresh-cut grass, working with the grounding aroma of leather, and unwinding with the warm notes of whiskey.

That’s what it means to Live Outlaw.

By investing in Outlaw, you're not just supporting a company; you're becoming a co-owner. This means you get to share in our future successes as we expand our business in an $18.25B market. We're gearing up to innovate new scents and collaborate on high-quality products for artists, influencers, boutiques, and more.

Why invest? Our dynamic, customer-led approach and established brand put us in a unique position to grow significantly in the next 3-5 years. We're backed by big names like Jason Calacanis and Springdale Ventures, and we're ready to take Outlaw to the next level.

Join us in pioneering unique scent frontiers and building amazing collaborations. By investing, you'll own a share of our successful company and help us continue creating incredible, sustainable products.

Thank you for believing in us and being part of the Outlaw journey.

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With gratitude,
Danielle Vincent

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