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Coming to the round up: Outlaw Western-inspired Deodorants

UPDATE: The natural, aluminum-free deodorants are available here.

We get it: you want to smell like Outlaws day in and day out, no matter what you're doing. You use the soap and body wash, you use the cologne, but you've got one massive pit that is yet unfilled by your favorite Outlaw scents...

Your arm pits.

But you've asked us darn near enough times, already!

A couple years ago, we were researching how to make natural deodorant. This fine stuff stood up to multiple rigorous (and I mean rigorous) tests, but we couldn't get the pricing to the point where most people would buy it. Yes, it lasts forever and totally works, but can you really justify spending $20 on deodorant? I asked, and no, the consensus is that you could not.

However, we kept at it, and I'm pleased to announce that the first of the deodorants will be included in the March Clean Getaway Subscription Box (where we release all our new products first).

But what deodorants are we starting with? As a democratic company, we decided to start out by asking YOU, our loyal and awesome customers. You can check out that thread on Facebook.

Here's how it's gonna go...

We always start slow here at Outlaw. Cautiously. Carefully. We don't want to misstep. So we're tallying the requests of deodorant types and we'll pick the three most frequently requested, and then we'll set those up for a vote among our Clean Getaway Subscribers.

After the deodorants go out with the Clean Getaway box in March, we'll release the others on our website for everyone to enjoy! They'll be at the super attractive and lucky price of $13.

Want to get in on the first ever Outlaw deodorants? Sign up for the Clean Getaway Subscription Box here.

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