The Independents lets you make your own Scent

Celebrate Independence Day with a special deal on The Independents collection! Normally priced at 4 for $40 and 6 for $55, we’re offering these fantastic colognes at 4 for $35 and 6 for $50 for a limited time. It's the perfect chance to explore and create your unique scent story.

The Independents collection opens the door to so many evocative scents.

Enjoy the rugged, bold aroma of leather, reminiscent of a well-worn saddle and open trails.

Feel the warmth and nostalgia of a crackling campfire, bringing memories of nights under the stars.

Experience the calming essence of lavender, soothing and serene.

Relish the fresh, invigorating smell of cut grass, a reminder of summer days and freedom.

Embrace the earthy, crisp fragrance of pinecones, grounding and refreshing

Each scent captures a unique feeling and memory, allowing you to craft a fragrance that’s all your own.

Our commitment to quality means these colognes are made with natural ingredients, ethically produced, and packaged sustainably. You can enjoy your personalized scent journey knowing you’re supporting cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products.

Independence Day is about celebrating freedom, and what better way to do that than by choosing scents that resonate with your personal journey?

Whether you're gearing up for a day of adventure or winding down with a quiet evening, The Independents collection lets you tailor your scent to match your mood and moments.

Don’t miss this chance to experiment and find your favorite combinations. Dive into The Independents collection and create your perfect scent experience.

Explore now and let your curiosity lead the way:

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